Sunday, 22 February 2015

Episode Three: Hell's Teeth

After this one I have only questions.

What's with Jeremy getting his arse handed to him in every episode so far?

Pictured: Shmaige is a bitch

What's with the entire Pack descending down the stairs, seeing their alpha being attacked by a witch, and doing bugger all except standing there? The real Clay would've smacked Ruth and Shmaige's heads together in a nanosecond.

Clay: 'Was there something I was supposed to be doing?'

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Episode Two: Scare Tactics

Our show begins by taking our beloved Clay (who in the books is a mysterious parentless barely restrained psychopath only just attuned to civisation) and..showing an idyllic depiction of his childhood. It is a good start.

The first series merrily butchered his present character by depicting him as cardboard with stubble, and now the second series is working on his past character too. It's good to have all bases covered!