Sunday, 22 February 2015

Episode Three: Hell's Teeth

After this one I have only questions.

What's with Jeremy getting his arse handed to him in every episode so far?

Pictured: Shmaige is a bitch

What's with the entire Pack descending down the stairs, seeing their alpha being attacked by a witch, and doing bugger all except standing there? The real Clay would've smacked Ruth and Shmaige's heads together in a nanosecond.

Clay: 'Was there something I was supposed to be doing?'

What's with Shmavannah just willingly going with the random creepy man who broke into her house imprisoned her foster parent and then offered her candy? I mean I'd do anything to get away if Shmaige was my caretaker but still.

Logan (who from now on I'm referring to as MoonMoon) is doing particularly well. Last week he got defeated by a door, this week he almost kills Shmaige (which I'd admittedly quite like to happen but he did it by accident and through no skill or volition of his own).

Pictured: Logan

Dammit MoonMoon.

Logan's usual position

So in this episode there's a lot of scenes of the Pack running through the forest, or squatting in grasslands.

Why the poop don't they ever Change?

"You know what would be really useful right now while we're sitting here straining to sense incoming danger whilst knowing that a fight is inevitable? Being able to transform into a strong fast creature with heightened senses and equipped with natural weapons."


"Lolnah that'd be silly."

Also pictured in the background: Logan gets his participation ribbon

I meant to say in my last entry, season two is -full- of lines like 'This ends now!' or 'I'm going to do now what I should've done years ago!' or 'We finish this now!' This is literally the kind of awful cheesy dramatic writing I used to write when I was 13 years old. I speficially remember writing it. As far as I'm aware this show isn't written by 13-year olds - what's their excuse? Look out for these lines next episode, they've been in every single one so far.

..I'm going to write a drinking game for the rest of the series.

Bonus picture

My sides.


Final question - why is Shmaige burying that coven sister who died from a papercut on Stonehaven's yard?

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