Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bitten S03E04 - A Quiet Dog

Bitten S03E03 - Right Behind You

After an accidental hiatus (whenever I thought about tuning in again my brain started screaming) Bittenblogger has returned to finish what he started. Gentle viewers, let's take a look at how many episodes have aired since we last sat down to watch our beloved Werewolf Pack and their adventures with the Ruskis.

pictured: FUCK

Please excuse me for one moment.

I'm ready.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Bitten S03E02 - Our Own Blood

This week our adventure begins a fortnight ago in the land of vodka and silly hats.

Insert your own soviet Russia joke here

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bitten S03E01 I don't even know what it's called yet

It's 3:09 in the morning and I find myself drunk, sitting in my underwear, tapping away at my computer while thinking 'why am I doing this to myself.'

Jokes on you, this was actually a quote from one of the Bitten scriptwriters

We begin our show exactly how we left it at the end of last season - everything is on fucking fire. 

Also how the Bitten studios look on a good day

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Episode Ten: Fine Temporum

While at the airport (?) we start off with some slapstick comedy as the werewolves can't quite find their footing.

Evilpants put down some banana peels for them

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Episode Nine: Scavenger's Daughter

For some reason, after having just met him a girl is following Mr Evilpants into his dark basement (COME ON) and now I know this isn't Canadians being accommodating, this is just stupid.

Yeah, a murder mystery

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I accidentally started reviewing what is possibly the worst assault on civilised culture in the whole world, the TV adaptation of Kelley Armstrong's novel, Bitten. More specifically, series two. I originally wrote these in a closed facebook group for a small group of old friends after each episode aired, but I decided to make my ramblings public. 

Disclaimer: These reviews won't make any sense unless you've already read the book and have seen the show. They start off short and gradually get longer as they snowball into a rolling boulder of impotent rage and funny pictures. I tried my best to edit these so they'd make sense to everyone else.

Buckle in, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Episode Eight: Dark Arts

Here we go. We begin with another flashback, which features our dialogue-highlight of the show only two minutes in - "You'll pay for this!"

Mr. Evilpants does some David Blaine gone wrong and lives in a world where pedestrians allow strangers to jam metal spikes through their arm without even asking first. I know Canadians are accommodating, but come on.

EvilpantsClay meets up with Jeremy and Nick, the former having forgotten that he's meant to have telepathic abilities and should be able to sense that that's not Clay in a nanosecond but oh well.

Shmaige says what is without a doubt my most favourite line so far in the whole series


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Episode Seven: Bad Dreams

I did it! Damn, I want a cookie. Episode 7.

So, we start off with a photoshopped dream sequence claiming that everyone will be dead by dawn. Shmavannah/MacGuffin#2 looks quite distressed by this but honestly, I'm all for this idea.

Elena and Clay have a conversation abou - BUM SHOT t- perhaps going away for a while, and Elena nonchalantly chops off her hair. I'm less distressed by this than I thought I'd be. I mean I have and I love long hair but..for her to be traumatised and to want to do something different to distance herself from the situation seems quite understandable. Heck, if I'd signed a contract to do 10 episodes of this show, I'd be mutilating myself too.

Meanwhile, the entire female viewer population is satisfied

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Episode Six: Nine Circles

The things I do for you people. So our show begins with a topic so heavy that it's in way over its head before its even 30 seconds in - baby murder. I dunno how that lady managed to not only slip a loud crying baby past Ruth but also get it to a church, or why Ruth would take her word for it that she'd done the deed when she clearly doesn't trust her from the second she falls into her house - but hey ho. We only got about a minute before the credits have to roll.

Moon Moon and MacGuffin#1 have a heart to heart. Macguffin#1 finally realises that MoonMoon is an idiot and tells him to leave her alone, but all I can concentrate on is the really funny squiggly line vein in his forehead that looks like the circuit resistor symbol.

I am not a mature person.